Photo Gallery

Treasure Valley/Eastern Oregon



Stuart and Tom


Diana on Runway

Ready for Winter

Bill and 126

Tow Pilot Training

Fill it Up!!!

LS-1d Landing Nampa

Tom and George

View from a Ka-6E

Roger and Stuart

Tom's LS-6

Launch at Murphy

Brian's HP-16T

Mark's Ka-6E

Wayne with Ka-6E

George and Roger

Nampa Flight Line

Wayne's HP-14

Dan's Duster

Bill's ASW-20

Open House

Strojnik S-2A 

Tom's ASW-27

First HP-14 Aero Tow

First Tow Continued

John's New Monerai

Monerai Test Flight

John's Take Off

Test flight Continued

John's Taxi Test

Dan's "new" 1-35


2006 Idaho Soaring Regatta Photo Album

Bill's LS-1

Brian at Mackay, ID

Lost River Range

More Lost River Range

Mackay, Idaho

Bill, Stuart and Tom

Charlie Spartt and Bill

Bill's & Tom's Gliders

Bill is ready to launch

Nelson's Nimbus 4M

Wayne's HP-14 at Mackay

Wayne at 17,900 ft

Mt Borah - ID's Highest

Lost River Range


Don Provost's 1979 Trip to Driggs

West Teton

Over the Top

Guest Photos