The Engine Swap
Bob Parker - Baker City, Oregon

This is how she started out: Kawasaki 340 powered

Her First Engine - Replaced by the Kawasaki 340. 36" Direct Drive Prop - Also Made Dust, Wouldn't Launch

Old Engine:

The builder would take an auto tow and once airborne with a little altitude, the S2 would manage to climb OK from there.

Not and option I was too crazy about, sort of gets away from the freedom to launch anytime concept.

A new engine was bought: Hirth 2704 53 horsepower with reduction drive and modified exhaust. I designed the mounting plate and had it machined.

The exhaust was modified to fit under the engine inside the fuselage to reduce drag. Tough part was keeping length the same for tuning effect.

This approach would have been WAY easier, but the drag has got to be a drag...

The Hirth 2704 installed. Talk about your shoehorn job...

The bigger engine required changes to the cowling. It has since been glassed and NACA cooling ducts installed.

Next project is to have a folding prop hub made. The Ivoprop blades will fit right into this design by Max Barel, designer of the Graal Motorglider.

The Barel folding prop on a Southwest Idaho Strojnik. I like this guys pop-out cooling vents.

Me flying next spring! (2005)