By Wayne Paul

Tow vehicle and HP-14

Tom, Brian and Michael

Positioned on Runway

Brian at the controls and Frank

On tow behind Tom's Jeep

Wayne, Brian, Frank and Michael

This HP-14 was built by M. Fisher in St. Joseph, Mich., and flown there. Modified during construction with longer ruddervators to increase stability and flaps shortened and ailerons lengthened. Based on Paul Bikle's modified HP-14, the flaps were levered to allow extension at any speed but go only 60 degrees. The ailerons have been found to be very effective, a real plus for a Schreder product. It was taken to Atlanta and stored for 8 or 9 years then purchased by Larry McDowell who took it to New York and stored it for the last 7-8 years. When Larry and Mitzi moved to Challis, Idaho N990 also made the trip. I purchase it August 1, 1999 and moved it to my hangar at the Nampa, Idaho airport. At the time of purchase, this HP-14 had only accumulated 167 hrs of flight time and the last time it was flow was June 29, 1979.

Close examination revealed many safety related items that needed to be rectified in order to consider this glider airworthy. I have fabricated and replaced two bulkheads, mixer system, wing bell crank, ruddervader pushrods, control cables, etc. The flap actuation system was returned to Dick Schreder's original crank (gear and rack) design. This allows a full 90 degrees of flap travel. In addition, I have added a new hydraulic disk brake system, upgraded gear retraction system; and, upgraded the instrumentation to include new Winter ASI and logarithmic vario, new altimeter, Borgelt B50 smart vario, Flightline FL-760 radio, gear warning circuit, oxygen system, Garmin 12xl and iPAC hx4700 running LK8000 software.

The old wood trailer had rotted beyond repair, so a old 15 meter trailer is being modified.

N990 was inspected for airworthness on September 12, 2004 and test flown on September 20, 2004. The above pictures were taken during the test flight sequence. I am happy to report that the bird's handling characteristics met my expectations.

I have continued to try to improve performance, ease of assembly, comfort and safety. These projects include a new turtle back, landing gear gas spring, hinge line seals, wing dolly, tail dolly, pneumatic tail wheel; and, due to an incident in Logan Utah, a "T" bar that stabilizes the ruddervators during assembly.

After flying a series of tests from the Nampa airport N990 was transported to Mackay, Idaho for the annual Idaho soaring encampment. The following pictures were taken at Mackay during the first two weeks of August, 2005.

Larry McDowell happened to drive by the Mackay airport while en route to Challis after shopping in Idaho Falls. When seeing his old HP-14 tied down on the ramp, he stopped and took a couple pictures.

The pictures shown above were taken by Brian Case during the 2006, 2007and 2008 Idaho Soaring Regatta. There were several days during the 2007 Regatta where flying was not possible due to smoke from forest fires. Smoke was present even on the good days as can be seen in the "Over the Lost..." and "Flying with Brian...." pictures.

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