photos by
Agass Baumgartner

This is one of the HP-11As built by the Chicago Five; however, the joint venture agreement indicates that six builders were involved.

It was flown for approximately 600 hours by Fritz Fauser one of the original builders for 23 years out of Chicago Glider Club just outside of Chicago. The plane was bought in 1994 by Agass Baumgartner who logged approximately 300 hours while flying out of Windy City Soaring Club located in Hinckley, Il.

Meticulously maintained by both owners this plane is in excellent condition with no damage history. The all aluminum glider was never painted and shows off the truly beautiful construction, not to mention shines gloriously during the setting sun! The wings and fuselage were polished and waxed every season and consistently stored in a trailer and inside a heated hanger during the winter. The interior was recently replaced with high-density foam and aircraft fabric. The cockpit was designed to be very spacious providing the pilot with plenty of leg and "wiggle" room. The unique layout of the two-tiered instrument panel allows the pilot to keep his eyes up and ahead of him with all instruments in sight.

Instruments include: Walter Dittel Radio with boom mike, Cambridge L-Nav with vario, Garmin GPS-90 (latest software update), EW Barograph (EW view flight recorder software for computer), Altimeter Winter ASI, Winter mechanical variometer, Compass Slip/skid indicator, and Dual 12v batteries on A-B switch.

Ahead of its time this sailplane still outperforms many planes built later. With an L/D of 37/1, 90 degree flaps and 8 degree negative flaps this plane flies fast and aggressive. In addition the flaps allow for short-field landings. The sailplane handles very well in thermals and is a terrific floater.

This is a very nice trailer which doesn't leak and has many item to make rigging and de-rigging convenient.

Jan flying near Nampa, Idaho. Photo by Brian Case.

Jan landing at Nampa, Idaho.

Another picture of Jan taken by Brian Case from his HP-16T.

Original Owner who was a member of the building team.