Seniors 2003
Udo Rumpf

I have assembled a few flights for playing back on SEE YOU, or similar, of day 1, 2 & 3 at the Seniors 2003.

Day 1 you can fly separately each of the different type gliders (makes) against the HP18. The final glide was about 40km, which was the most interesting part for me. I found it very interesting how well I did (on final glide) against the Ventus 2x of Brain Milner. It is purportedly the latest in performance technology. Fiddler LAK 17 (IGC), Garner DG-800 (IGC), Rinke LS-8 (IGC), Moffat Discus 2 (IGC), Knauff DUO Discus (IGC), Rumpf HP-18 (IGC), and Milner Ventus 2x (IGC)

Day 2 was a highlight for me, as it combines the glider and some tactical flying on my part. Note how low I was "relative" speaking compared to most gliders on the second leg between thermals, but pushing never the less and slowly gaining altitude in each thermal, before finally reaching six thousand feet for my final glide. Mockler LS-8 (IGC), Carapetyan ASW-27 (IGC), Charchian ASW-27 (IGC), Clark Ventus 2 (IGC), Rumpf HP-18 (IGC), Cawby ASW-28 (IGC), and Weir ASW-27 (IGC)

Day 3 is different, as it allows some comparisons in combination between climbing and running. As well as a final glide duel between 2W an ASW27 and my self. Weir ASW-27 (IGC), Moffat Discus 2 (IGC), and Rumpf HP-18 (IGC)