Schreder Site Credits

The original Schreder Sailplane site was established by Chuck Smith. At the time Chuck owned HP-11 N821Z. Chuck's work schedule prevented him from maintaining the site and interfered with his ability to fly. Eventually he sold his HP-11 and the site became dormant.

At that time I was working for College of Idaho and started rehosting some of Chuck's information on the personal space the College provided. When it came time for the College to change its' domain name and my retirement approached I purchased the domain

I would like extend a special thank you to everyone who has provided articles and pictures for this web page. Your support makes this a dynamic repository of information on Mr. Schreder's sailplane designs. A major portion of this material has been provided by Mr. Schreder.

New material is always welcome. Please send stories, photos, information about your projects, etc. and indicate if you would like to have the items returned after posting. Items may be emailed, faxed to (208) 475-5829, or mailed to Wayne Paul, 2212 S Chicago Ave, Nampa, ID 83686.

Thank you,
H. Wayne Paul (Updated 11/01/05)