Joshua C. Daisey

In the Spring of 2005, I became the proud new owner of N42RD; a fine example of an RS-15. Serial number 42, built by Mr. R. Duhaime in Connecticut in the late 1970's with the only major change (that I can see) being the use of HP-18 wings. The plane was signed off for airworthiness on May 25th, 1979 (remarkably, only 11 days after I was born!). According to the logs, most of the plane's early life was spent flying around the New England area, competing in contests and making silver distance flights. In May of 1991 the plane was sold to a gentleman in Florida who flew the plane locally and apparently always stored it in its trailer (the finish is suburb for being nearly 26 years old, and I don't see obvious signs that say it's other then the original paint).

Joshua and his RS-14

Tow-out Gear

Nice Canopy Conver - Thank Mom

Original Instruments

New Configuration

New Radio Speaker

At this time the plane has about 300 hours on it and after three (of four!) enjoyable flights in it, I hope to add substantially to its total time.

A very nice Schrader trailer holds 42RD which is based at Seminole Lake Glider port in Clermont, Florida. I've just been informed by the SSA that I was successful in attaining JCD (my initials) for my contest numbers....now if I can be successful in fitting them on the tail....

I am an A+P and very active with experimental aircraft, so I look forward to customizing the plane to me, and attacking many a thermal with it.