Here's a nice shot of Tony Burton in EE over Cowley, Alberta (home of Canada's largest annual soaring camp.)

Tony has been flying EE since 1976 (it's serial #28) - it now has 1875 hours of fight time, over 39,300 miles of cross-country with three flights over 700 km, and lots of wave.

Tony currently holds two Canadian records: 400 km Speed to Goal of 81.5 km/h set in 1990 (a Canadian record category - not FAI); and, Out & Return distance of 652.3 km set in 1993.

His Three Turn Point Distance record of 542.3 km set in 1997 was raised this year to 559.7 km by an ASW-20.

Tony just completed the U.S. Region 8 Sports Class contest in which he obtained the highest score.

One piece canopy is mounted on HP-16 style aluminum tube frame.

Intergral compound curve glass tail fairing, non-steerable tailwheeel in extended
dorsal fin for additional directional stability.