Serial number HP-18-11
Wayne Paul

This fine example of a HP-18 was built by "Silent Soarers, Inc." The wings structures were approved for cover on February 20, 1975. Two years later the sailplane was completed and a Special Airworthiness Certificate in the Experimental Category, with limitations was issued June 22, 1977. Robert (Bob) Leonard (Cessna test pilot) celebrated the 1977 Fourth of July by flying N99XX's first flight. The logbook indicates that a second Special Airworthiness Certificate, without limitations, was issued June 18, 1981.

N99XX was confined to its' trailer from 1983 through 1995. It was then sold to a second owner who lives in Wichita. Bob Drennon purchased the ship in the spring of 2001. To date, October 11, 2005, the ship has logged 101 hours of flight time with no history of damage.

Configuration of the Schreder designed trailer eliminates the need to fold the "tail feathers" during transit. The trailer is equipped with "roll-out" gear. Bob has nearly completed an one man assembly rig.

The ship has basic instruments which include a Borgelt audio variometer which was purchased new in 2001.

Udo Rumpf's popular "Super HP-18" was converted from a side stick to center stick using a PIK-20 stick and linkages. Bob has managed to acquire a PIK-20 sick assembly to facilitate converting N99XX in the future.