N818HP (HP-18 s/n 46)

by John Harrison

The project was started in Colorado in the early 70ís by Paul Westcott.† I got the project from Paul in í93.† The plane is very close to being ready for its first flight.† Just that last 10% that seems to take forever.† I decided that I needed to start learning to fly cross country and bought a DG-101.† I kept telling myself that I would complete the project after I retired but I havenít.†


The compass has been mounted at the rear of the instrument pod and is not visible in this picture.

As you can see it has a one piece tinted canopy.

The tail, flaps, and ailerons have been painted. Both wings have been primed and one wing has a first coat of finish paint.† The ailerons have been modified according to David Collingsí article in Soaring magazine.† One of the tapered holes in the folding tail was found to have a little too much play.† That has been remedied with a brand new tail plate but the tail still needs to be reassembled.† A hydraulic brake kit is included and a new Microair radio is available. The plane is located at the Chicago Glider Club in Illinois.

I hate to give the project up but I canít afford two planes.†