Glen Kelley

N77BF was built by Bob Fitch in 1978. He flew the first 1000k cross country in a homebuilt. I am the third owner of N77BF and have had it since 1997. The ship has 1200+ hours total time as of June 2003. There are two major repairs described in the logbook, as well as two major modifications.

The aircraft was landed in the trees and repaired by an A&P. The left wing required new skins and foam ribs. There is also a documented repair of damage to the fuselage skin back near the tailwheel. This was also repaired by an A&P.

The second owner recontoured the ailerons to improve roll authority. The top of the wings were painted with Imron after this modification. Finally, Collings winglets were installed by the second owner. The repairs and modifications are all nicely done and are not visible. The ship has safely flown 500+ hours since the 1983 tree landing and flies well.