Jay Spiller

Built by Bob Fisher, completed 1984.

Bob is the only sailplane pilot to complete trans-continental flight (Seattle to New York) which he did in a 1-23-H sailplane, summer of 1961. His professional background was as an instructor pilot for the military during WWII, and he spent most of his adult life as a sailplane instructor in Fremont and Calistoga, CA. This was all documented in an article in Sail and Soaring, February 1962. He built an HP-14 prior to this HP-18.

History of N17BF

Built and flown out of Calistoga CA; flew in contest Minden NV, July 1985, landed at Gardinerville NV where right wing-root was damaged, following which it was repaired professionally. Winglets installed and test-flown in 1992.

Custom-built, aluminum, clam-shell enclosed trailer with wing dolly for one-person rigging.

Glider last flown by Fisher in 1994. Current owner purchased in August 2002, refinished fuselage and buffed out wings. Flown since owned out of Siskiyou County California (Mt. Shasta region).


         Glide ratio 40:1

         Winglets with control surfaces that work in conjunction with the aeilerons

         Steerable, retractable tail wheel

         Aeileron/flap interconnect