Picture provided by Mike Swendsen of Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Mike started flying C-FWBH (Brave Heart) in the summer of '96. It has given him some great flights... one wave flight for a diamond at Cowley, Alberta in the fall of '96. He will be going cross-country for the first time this summer ('98.)

Since these pictures were taken the two piece canopy has been replaced with a single piece canopy. The wings have been profiled to Udo Rumpf specifications. Turbulators have also been installed. New winglets specifically designed for HP-16/18 wings have also been added..

14,000 feet over the Livingstone Range near Cowley, Alberta.

The glider is equipped with a fairly large O2 tank which is placed forward of the instrument panel. The total weight of the aluminum trailer and HP-16 is only 11 lbs.