Picture Provide by Jim Collins

Photo was taken near Warner Springs on September 30, 1997

Jim Collins completed this beautiful HP-16T in 1978. It has the unique combination of HP-18 wings and an HP-14 "T-tail." The flaps and ailerons are interconnected using using the cam system similar to the one used in the HP-18.

The instrument panel is loaded with the following: air speed indicator; sensitive altimeter; Ball electric vario with audio; electric artificial horizon; G-meter; clock; wet compass; outside air temperature gage; and, Radair 10 channel radio with mike button on stick.

Other features include: Gear warning system; Ball bearings and linear ball bushing in the landing gear linkage which make it possible to raise, or lower the gear with one finger; steerable tail wheel; elevator trim; and, Tail dolly for ground handling.

This sailplane is housed/transported in a custom built tilt tongue trailer. The trailer properly all the necessary attachments to properly secure the glider and spare tire.

Jim's parachute is very thin and takes up almost no room in the cockpit.