Australian Rego
Graeme Rickert

VH-GGB was built by Harry Bache, a member of the Waikerie Gliding Club. It first flew in December 1975 and now has the relatively low total flying hours of around 1,300 from about 630 flights.

I am the third owner of the glider and have had it since December 1995. I have flown the glider on eighteen 300 Km flights, one 400 Km, one 500 Km, two 600 Km and one 750 Km flight, plus numerous shorter flights. In addition, My Son Mark has done his 300Km Diamond Goal and 500 Km Diamond Distance in the HP14.

When flying in Sports (Club) Class competitions the HP14 is given the same handicap as a Standard Libelle which seems about right in most conditions. It possibly has an edge over a Libelle in very strong streeting conditions but has a bit of a disadvantage in more average conditions.