Fuselage Nose Cone Construction

Make a spacer the same thickness of the felt. This ensures the cone will fit.

Cut the glass strips in advance. I used nine layers of tri-weave glass cloth. I wetted the glass on aluminum wrap than transferred it to the cone area.

Fit the the cork in place and tape so it does not move when the plastic is added.

Add plastic. Most anything will do from paint trip cloth to Saran-Wrap.

I did not vacuum bag the lay-up; however, the fit would have been better if I had.

This is the nose cone after the epoxy has cured. The fit is acceptable.
In order to get the cone properly aligned, it should be done in the trailer. With the fuselage properly located, adjust the retaining plate over the cone and epoxy in place. Once the glue has set permanently attach the retaining plate to the frame and bolt the frame to the floor.