By Steve Frick

Construction was started in 1973 by Gary Starner of Houston, TX. He did a first class job on the construction. The first flight was in 1979. Had a wheel up landing in 1980 with only minor damage. The plane was flown pretty consistently through 1984 and then a gap until 1992 through 1996. The plane was also repainted in 1992. The plane was sold in 1999 to Michael (?). He and his dad planned to make it a motor glider, but his dad got transferred to Hawaii and they never got started on the project.

I bought the plane in 2001 when I was working on my glider license. Due to tow plane problems at Fault Line, we had a long time without a tow plane and it took longer to get my license than planned. It has been flown once since I have owned it. Family and job commitments are now forcing me to sell it. Total hours to date are only 154 hours.