Photos provided by Rex Sweetland


Equipped with a canopy cover, wingtip covers, elevator covers, tail dolly, horner style wing tips, camera mount and oxygen system with kevlar tank. Hydraulic brake with stainless steel disk.

Cockpit seat has an adjustable back rest.

Total energy probe is mounted on vertial stabilizer. The flow of the nose vent is controllable from the cockpit.

The electric flap actuation rocker-switch is located along the canopy rail. Below it is the hydraulic brake lever. The push-to-talk button is located on the stick as is the elevator trim lever. The lined interior has a map pocket.

Instruments include a Winter machanical vario, an electronic vario with audio, a vertical speed indicator, compass, airspeed indicator, "G" meter, altimeter, and ball. The radio is a Delcom 960 and GPS is a Garmin 12XL. There is also a barograph.

Flap position micro-switch, used in the gear warning system, is actuated by the flap rack movement.

Motor and gear reduction system system employed to operate the flaps. The motor looks like ones I have seen on satilite dish systems.

Santa make a low altitude high speed pass over runway.

Santa flying over Elsinore, California.

The trailer is set up for one man rigging