By Bob Whelan

Black Forest Gliderport

Granby, CO, across the Divide from the plains in Middle Park (a small valley.)

My ‘14 was N1202 (3E), one of 2 John Baird-built ‘14s I was told; allegedly it was the one John kept for himself. (At one time he was going to buy/build/sell kits as completed planes; probably found easier ways to go broke!) N1202 is a short span, V-tailed ‘14 pretty much standard in all ways but for the extensive use of pull rivets in its construction. Current owner is Chuck Loftin of Dalhart (TX). I put 196 hours on it from May, 1976 through July, 1981. It has hydraulic - original length (i.e. outer panel not converted to ailerons) - flaps, and a powerful - easily modulatable - hydraulic drum brake. As I’m sure you know, there’s no better short-field ship than an HP-14. I once paced off a 3-fuselage length landing in a light (<5 knot) breeze. Astonished even me (by then reasonably familiar with its jaw-dropping capabilities).