N1051 Tail Modification
Wayne Paul

The following picture were taken by John Mildon and sent to me by Dan Thrikill. They show the process of modifying a "V" tail to the more conventional design.

When John purchased HP-14 it had 19 meter wings with big winglets and 1,158 hours of flight time. John's goal was to return it to a smaller wing span and convert the "V" style stabilizers to the more conventional "cruciform" design.

All the parts associated with the control system were removed and inspected. Replacements for defective parts and unique part required in by the new tail design were fabricate. Control components were painted prior to installation/reinstallation (while looking at the part I identified the cam associated with interlinking the flaps and ailerons.) The aft section of the fuselage was also modified to accommodate a vertical stabilizer.

All photos have captions.

scan0305 HP-14VandC HP-14C_Tail scan0304 scan0306 scan0307 scan0308 scan0309
scan0310 scan0311 scan0312 scan0313 scan0314 scan0315 scan0316 scan0317
scan0318 scan0319 scan0320 Inside_Trailer        

Sadly John passed away prior to completing the modification.

Current Status: The new " tail feathers" are essentially finish. The wings are clipped and require finishing. There are no instruments and the trailer is functional; however, need rewiring as well as a bit of work on the door prior to being road worthy.