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HP-14 Newsletter No. 3


Dear Builder:

I have just returned from a 12 day trip to Slingsbys Sailplanes in Kirbymoorside York, England. They have started production on HP-14s.

 I worked with six men who have just been shifted from Dart 17 to HP-14 production. During this period we completed on set of wings (less flaps and ailerons) plus one fuselage.

 A meeting was held with British Gliding Association Officials to discuss various problems associated with licensing. Stressing calculations are well along. Three HP-14s are to be completed in time for competition in the British Nationals from May 20th through 28th. Ex British champions John Williamson and Peter Scott are flying the first two while I have been invited to fly the third.

 Slingsbys is booming with Dart, Capstan, Swallow and HP-14 sailplanes in production. Test flights are being made in the new T53 tandum, all-metal two place trainer. Approximately 50 HP-14s will be built during the balance of 1967. Price will be $8995 delivered to the U.S.

 A new set of forward fuselage assembly instructions are inclosed.

 With good weather back, we are preparing the prototype for flight tests to determine pitot position air speed error and gathering of performance data to prepare accurate L/D curves.

Currently work is being done in the following areas:

Design of a pedestal type instrument panel.

1. Installation of anti-icing pitot.

2. Retractable tail wheel.

3. Canting of elevator bell crank assembly to keep push-pull tubes in line with tail cone guides.

4. Shielding of counterbalance to prevent ice jamming.

5. Improved operation of flaps.

6. Development of improved wing fairings.

Sincerely yours,



R. E. Schreder


(Article courtesy of Alex Upchurch, who is co-owner of HP-14 #12, C-FWHZ)