HP-14 Project

Images Provided by Gennaro (Bill) Avolio

This HP-14 project was bought in kit form by a young doctor. He did most of the construction in the late 1970s. He stored the project at Bill Aronson's airport (Rosamon Skypark, airport designation L00.) Bill aquired it in the mid 1980s and states the workmanship is above average.

Bill's intensions to finish the glider fell short due to health problems. (He developed arkinson's disease in the late '80s.) Unfortunately he had to give up the project and his Glider Operation, which he ran for 29 years. However, he didn't give up his love for aviation, is still an active EAA member and still lives on the airport.

This HP-14 was recently purchased by Gennaro (Bill) Avolio. It needs paint, instrument panel, canopy and trailer (which Bill hopes to pruchase for a fellow club member.) It has the log book that is signed off for closing out structure.

There are some corrosion issues that Bill has to deal with. In addition to the hydraulic system, he plans to replace all control cables.

The most unique item on this bird is the hydraulic brake actuator. (See the first picture in the series.)

Brake Master Construction Picture One
Brake Master Construction Picture Two
Brake Master Construction Picture Three

Drawing One
Drawing Two