Serial No. 32
by Judah Milgram

Here are some photos of my HP-11. It's an early fixed-gear version. I actually get to fly it now and then. These photos taken by Steve Rouse (an HP-18 owner) in October 2000 at Front Royal, Virginia.

This was my flight Nr. 4 in aircraft, first after an extensive 3-month annual. The bird is quite nice to fly.

This one has needed a little work here and there to get it flying nicely. Sealing, instrumentation, trailer fittings, etc. Kind of an ongoing project but I can alternate flying and tinkering days, as the mood hits me. It doesn't exactly climb like a feather but then I compare everything to my old K-8 and that's a bit unfair. I think improvements are possible (sealing, CG, pilot weight ...) Between thermals it runs just fine.

Landing is "interesting" but I'm used to it now.