Restoration by Craig Jungers


Craig has recently purchased this sailplane for his son. Together they are in the process of restoring it to airworthy condition. At first glance this bird seems to be a hybrid consisting of an HP-14 fuselage and HP-11 wings. The following pictures were taken by Craig on March 17, 1999. This page will be updated as the restoration progresses.



This shows the method of securing the wings to the fuselage rails. The two tangs on each side (fore-and-aft) secure the bottom of the main wing spar while the double-tangs aft (just outboard of the aileron connections) secures the aft-spar. There is nothing that I can find that secures anything forward.



This shot (looking down) shows the I-beam construction of the main spar (which carries clear through as far as I could see into the wing). Above that, and most easily seen on the left, is the tang that fits into the fitting next to the aileron connection (you can see the aileron pushrod-ends in the picture.



This shows the arrangement for the rudder pedals.



This shows the lever arm for the landing gear