Landing Gear Issues

By Bob Kuykendall

I just found a couple of web pages that address some of the issues that HP operators have encountered with their landing gear:

These pages are on the Sequoia Aircraft web site, and are specifically about the Sequoia Falco F8L. But there is a lot of info there that relates to the kind of Oleo struts and landing gear that are used in virtually all HPs:


Thereís also a good item on using Kraft paper to get the proper spacing for the teeth of spur gears. This applies equally well to rack-and-pinion systems, and is of interest to anybody who needs to drill the holes for their -432-1 flap control bracket.

A lot of the stuff on those pages have to do with jackscrews, trunnions, motors, and gearboxes, and other things that only apply to Falco aircraft. However, itís all interesting and well-written. In fact, the entire Sequoia Aircraft site is well worth the trouble, and has interesting corollaries to the situation I find myself in with HP Aircraft, LLC:

And please, donít anybody cause any problems with the Sequoia Aircraft people because I recommended their web site. They look to be a good outfit, and I am loathe to do them any hardship.

Thanks again, and best regards to all

Bob Kuykendall