Wheel/Break Recommendation

November 17, 1998

I highly recommend the MatCo brake. The kit consists of a rim, 1.250 inch bearings and break . No off set from centre line is required It installs with hardly any modification. One only has to weld a second tab for the mounting of the break cylinder, the first one is part of the " cut off " of the old break retainer band. Make the break handle as long as possible with the largest lever advantage and the longest travel range. The master cylinder mounting should have an adjustable lever arrangement as well.

I just bought for the second time a "single" wheel for $207.50 * from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, (plus master cylinder and fittings) for my new project.( Yes it is possible to buy a single wheel. The first time I called Matco and ask if they would ship a single wheel. It was a yes. Then I told Aircraft Spruce to order a single wheel from Matco.) The Part number for the kit is MATCO W51-1.25

Contact Gary Mulder 1-800-824-1930 Ext.307 at A S& Sp for special order.


Udo Rumpf


* Price is based on my May 17, 1999 order. - Wayne Paul