V-Tail Rigging Fittings
David Severns

The following photos are the aluminum plates I use to support the V-tail of RS-15 N59AS when in the folded position. The plates are easy to make, and basically fool-proof to use. When both ruddervators are folded up, I place a thin cushion between them, and use a band of elastic cord to hold them together.

It is important to note that, while these plates prevent the ruddervators from lowering, they do not prevent individual ruddervators from rotating inward. As such, if only one ruddervator is in the "up" position and unsecured, a malicious wind gust could cause it to fall over atop the other "down" ruddervator, with potentially unpleasant results. To avoid this, I've drilled small diameter holes out near the outer ends of the plates, through which I attach one end of a rubber bungee cord. I simply loop this cord down and around the tailwheel yoke, and back up to the plate. This supplies the necessary downward force to hold the ruddervator in position while the other fin is raised or lowered.