Udo Rumpf
Super HP-18 Molds

Chris Esselstyn purchase the molds from Udo for use in building his jet powered self-launch Super HP-18 project.

Chris would like to make them available to anyone who is interested in pursuing the modifications free of charge. Anyone who would like to use the molds can do so without any incurred cost. He would do this with the understanding that the molds would be available to anyone in our Schreder or Soar Idaho/HP group who has or is building the HP-18.

The molds are in excellent shape, are taking up room in Chris's storage area and are available when needed. There will be no need to return them and they would become traveling molds for the next individual that would like to pursue Super '18 fuselage modifications. They are large in size and will need to be picked up from their custodian.

The molds are currently in Manassas, VA. If you would like to use the them contact D
ustin via email.

Nosecone mold

Gel-coat applied

Glass and epoxy lay-up complete

Part removed from mold

Part in place on nose ready to be trimmed and glued

Turtleback mold

Turtleback mold with gel-coat

Completed Part

Another view.