Wing Project

The following pictures are a chronology of Udo Rumpf's new wing design which uses a modified HP-18 spar, foam ribs and bonded skins. The techniques Udo uses can be applied to HP-16, RS-15 and HP-18 wing construction.

The fist item in to be constructed was the work table. Udo chose to support the table with two wood joist, 24 ft x 12" high, which he purchased for $143.00 including 15% tax and delivery. He made the table 2ft wide to work on the spar. Later he added the spar holding tool and support templates to assist installation of the foam ribs. The table can be blocked on saw horses, or in Udo's case he made a welded support with wheels and adjustable screws to level the table each time it is moved.

The flaps of this Udo designed airfoil are only 15% of the chord and the ailerons are 1/2 of the span. This requires the additional construction complexity associated with spoiler installation. Water is carried in the wing spar as well as the fiberglass tanks.

Trial fit of the root template.

Bucking bar was designed by Jim Collins. The split PVC pipe on the rocking shaft protects the aluminum spar.

Udo riveting spar using Collins bucking bar. A plate was welded across the palm side of the bar to protect the hand.

Cutting holes in foam ribs to accommodate water tanks.

The Schreder pin has a .003" tolerance. The assembly pin has only a .0005" tolerance.

Checking total play of spar joint. The low tolerance assembly pin insure that the Schreder pin fits freely when all is done.

Making fiber glass water tank tubes.

Adjustable spar holding jig. Well worth the construction time.

Installing water tubes in foam ribs.

View of wing tip rib showing water tanks, vents, and winglet spar receptor.

Wing tank and filler tube plus vent.

Plumbing terminal and winglet receptacle at wing tip.

This metal rib in conjunction with a second one (not shown) will help box-in the spoiler box.

Spoiler Box Drawing.

(Updated April 9, 2006)

Small linier bearing made from HDP plastic. First drill hole then cut profile with band saw.

Top view of linier bearing.

Rear spar installation
Another picture of the rear spar installation

The mould on right side is for making the cap, on the left it is for making a one piece spoiler box .

Note the relationship of the rib station ( it is upside down).

Spoiler box blank removed from the one time use mould.

This view reveals the saddle for the spoiler cap.

Spoiler actuator arm

Spoiler drawing shown with actuator arms

Testing spoiler system

Actuator arm attachment point reinforcement

Spoiler Box in place waiting for glue