Friction Brake Lining Replacement
by Bob Kuykedall

The current equivalent to HP Aircraft part number 18-600-3, Wheel Brake Friction Lining, is:

Mc Master-Carr part# 6175K111

Go to and insert the part number 6175K111 into the Find box.

The brake lining is shown on the following Supplemental Drawing: and listed on the Forward Fuselage parts list: (both documents in Adobe Acrobat format)

The drawing specifies 12-1/4" of 1"-wide brake material, but it shouldn't make any difference if you just use 12" of material and shorten it by 1/8" at each end from what is showm. That way you can most effectively use material that you order in 1-foot increments.

The drawing shows cuntersunk AN426AD rivets to secure the lining. Those rivets are the best choice, since they are relatively soft and will abrade with the friction material instead of wearing a groove in the tire. Use other types of rivets at your own risk and discretion.