MatCo Brake and Tost CG Hook

 Pictures by Udo Rumpf


HP-18 Tost CG hook and MatCo brake installation.

Mounting the caliper:

Please look at the part where the 11/4" axle goes through, just between the tube that makes up the fork and the bolt where the caliper slides, there is a little tab with a socket head bolt. That tab is welded to the part where the 11/4" axle goes through.

Remember the strap that goes around the tire, well if you cut it off and leave an inch, which will be your second tab. The caliper plate mounts on those two taps

Mounting the Tow hook:

Move the tube that ties the fork together above the fork, as close as possible to the tire.

Note the gusset. In the front, weld a " sq. tube close enough to the bushing, that the hex nuts are still clear for removal. Weld two plates between the sq. tube and the tube that was move earlier. This will hold the hook. Do not attach and weld permanently till you have the holes located and make sure you can remove bolts for servicing.


Master cylinder installation.

Mount the master cylinder to the bulkhead in front of the wheel well. The reservoir is mounted inside the wheel well.

HP Aircraft, LLC has MatCo 5" wheel, disk, and caliper assemblies in stock. They also have the vertical style master cylinders.