HP-16 Stick Modification
by Brian Case


DCP01479_A.jpg (130078 bytes)DCP01481_A.jpg (131352 bytes)

The left photo shows my new rudder pedal installation designed to use cables running down the sides of the fuselage. The right photo shows the control stick assembly and the brake master cylinder mounted on the top/front bulkhead.

DCP01483_A.jpg (108474 bytes)DCP01484_A.jpg (125722 bytes)

Here are a couple more shots of the control stick assembly. The lever on the stick is for the brake, the cable is routed to the top bulkhead and drives the master cylinder for the hydraulic brake. The bicycle cable used initially, was not adequate and wore out quickly. I have since replaced it with and aircraft cable housing which works much better, Braking power is about right. I can't put the aircraft up on its nose with the brake, but it does bring me to stop quite easily.

DCP01485_A.jpg (125049 bytes)DCP01486_A.jpg (120094 bytes)

These photos show the control stick assembly mounted into the fuselage. These photos are from the nose of the aircraft looking back. They also show the brake assembly quite well.