FAA Advisory Circular 20-27E


FAA Advisory Circular (AC) 20-27E, Certification and Operations of Amateur-Built Aircraft, is now available. This AC (pdf format, 41 pgs -big 2.2megs), which replaces the last revision from more than 11 years ago (June 1990), provides "updated information and guidance concerning an acceptable means, but not the only means, of demonstrating compliance with the requirements for amateur-built or homebuilt aircraft."

FAA lists the following as principal changes from AC 20-27D:

Information for placard installation and cockpit instrument marking has been added. Information for the evaluation and operation of system controls has been added.

Guidance regarding commercial assistance has been added.

Information in the examples of applicable forms has been revised.

Operating limitations have been removed to avoid any inconsistencies with those contained in FAA Order 8130.2, Airworthiness Certification of Aircraft and Related Products. Acronyms referring to Title 14 Code of Federal Regulations have been changed from FAR to 14 CFR.

The EAA is currently examining the new AC and will have a report on the most significant changes soon. On a first look, there are some minor changes, many of which bringing the AC up to date. Much of it appears to be unchanged.